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Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS)

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) is a non-party, non-profit organisation and independent think tank devoted to studying peace and security issues related to the South Asian region and beyond. It is a leading institution in Bangladesh for informed analysis on all aspects of broad spectrum of peace and security studies in the region and beyond. It has become one of the leading security think tanks in South Asia. It has emerged as a critical space for reflection, a forum for research, training, exchanges and dialogue between practitioners and academics at all levels. The institute seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and policy analysis within the context of Bangladesh and other countries of South Asia and beyond. It is a non party, nonprofit organization and independent think tank which provide significant platform for the leading strategic thinkers, academics, former members of the civil, foreign and armed services and media persons to chalk out a comprehensive framework for peace and security issues.

BIPSS has also established two specialised centres within its framework named Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR) and Bangladesh Centre for China Studies (BCCS). BCTR is the first centre of its kind in Bangladesh dedicated to the study and research on terrorism related issues. BCTR has been working in partnership with a number of international centres on terrorism research in South Asia, South East Asia, Europe and USA. On the other hand, Bangladesh Centre for China Studies (BCCS) has been established to understand study and analyse Chinese Foreign Policy and Chinese strategic and security posture. It also aims to study Chinese economic advancement with a view to advocating greater economic and development cooperation between Bangladesh and China as well as China and the Greater South Asian region.

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RECENT publications

28 February 2014
Yunnan's growth model
26 February 2014
Bangladesh and 'secular project'
21 February 2014
Peace and Security Review
08 January 2014
Hype and Truth about Bangladesh-India relations
02 January 2014
Bangladesh and the Evolving Balance of Power in the Indian Ocean
19 December 2013
New Strike Corps in the Indian North East

RECENT events

30-31st December, 2013
Pragmatic Cooperation on BCIM Growth Corridor
18 August, 2013
Dialogue between President BIPSS and Rishi Datta, Senior Resident Director National Democratic Institute (NDI)
11 July, 2013
Dialogue between President BIPSS and Scott Clare, US Embassy
June 2013
Dialogue between BIPSS President and British Defense Attache, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Catermull
May 2013
Family Planning and Sustainable Climate Change Adaption Strategy in the Coastal Region of Bangladesh
April 2013
Post-Maoist Nepal