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Centre for Bhutan Studies (CBS)

The Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research was established in November 1998 as a multi- disciplinary institute for social science and public policy studies. It is the only such think tank in the country and undertakes studies in three areas: cultural and historical studies, policy background studies and Gross National Happiness.

The institute conducts evaluative studies on existing programmes of the government and provides feedback on the basis of which the Royal Government can improve programmes and policies. It supports basic research by other agencies in Bhutan. The institute conducts inter-disciplinary studies of Bhutan in its social, cultural, and economics aspects, focusing largely, but not exclusively, on contemporary issues. Besides, the institute acts as a clearing-house of information on various studies and researches being conducted in Bhutan and abroad by foreign institutes. Within Bhutan, the Centre maintains a close research alliance with other people and institutes engaged in similar activities. The Centre also generates programme proposals or writings, as assigned by the Council for the Centre. Among other things, it hosts special lectures and seminars on themes related to its charge by Bhutanese, and by foreign scholars who visit Bhutan for whatever reasons. The Centre commissions studies or research by Bhutanese scholars, publishes the Journal of Bhutan Studies (annual publication), encourages participation of younger scholars in research. In totality, the institute serves as a vehicle to train individuals in research skills to analyse, in particular, contemporary issues.

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