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Centre for Development and Peace Studies (CDPS)

The Centre for Development and Peace Studies ( is an independent research centre based at Guwahati, capital of Assam, in northeastern India. The Centre comprises a core group that is a mix of senior editors, academics, prominent cultural personalities, economists and development experts. The Centre for Development and Peace Studies (CDPS) is an independent research center, registered in 2004 as a non-profit society with the Registrar of Societies, Government of Assam, in northeastern India (registration number: KAM/240/T/04 of 2004-2005). Based at Guwahati, capital of Assam, the Centre comprises a core group that is a mix of senior working journalists, prominent cultural personalities, besides academics, economists and development experts.

CDPS is involved in carrying out meaningful research and writings on the micro and macro-level issues in the fields of development, peace and security in India's Northeast, highlighting efforts and success stories in peace making, drawing up linkages between development and security, and suggesting measures to tackle the imbalances. Aside from close interaction with the Government and non-governmental organizations working in the area, CDPS works in tandem with the media to reach out to the masses, besides sensitizing journalists on the need to shift their focus from violence to development and peace writings. The Centre, through its various studies, assesses the impact of existing development programmes and policies of the Government towards the northeastern frontier, and highlighting gaps, if any, and recommending alternative measures wherever necessary.

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RECENT publications

July 2013
Water: The New Dimension in India-China Relations
June 2013
Red Terror in Northeast India: Maoists' Link-up with Ethnic Rebels Adds New Dimension to the Region's Security
February 2013
Insurgent Politics & Negotiations: Is a Moratorium on Peace Talks Needed?
Northeast India: Sustaining Peace, Changing Dimensions

RECENT events

3-4 February. 2014
Responding to the Maoist Spread in India’s Northeast
18-19 August, 2013
Autonomy and Devolution of Powers: Can it Fulfill People’s Aspirations in Northeast India?
21 April , 2013
Film Screening and Discussion on 'ISLAMIC HERITAGE IN ASSAM'