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South Asia continues to be the most volatile region in the world, involved in issues relating to Insurgency, Terrorism, Border Disputes and the Environment. These issues are transnational in nature and no country can address it alone. A regional approach therefore is best suited to address such issues. As part of the effort, annual meetings are planned based on a theme to address topical issues of the region. These meetings comprise of a planning conference of participating think-tank heads, an expanded meeting with authors and experts. COSATT conferences are held three times a year in one of the capitals of South Asia on themes such as connectivity, countering violent extremism and terrorism, Refugees and IDPs in South Asia, etc. Heads of partnering think-tanks or researchers participate and present their views. In addition, there is also a wide participation of mediapersons, business-community, academics and students in COSATT events. Publications are brought out and are circulated widely. Some of the COSATT publications can be downloaded free of cost and available also in kindle. Reports of COSATT conferences are given to 8 governments of South Asia, SAARC Secretariat and other important stakeholders. This initiative has been generously supported by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

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